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KITSUNETSUKI is the multiplayer-focused arena third-person shooter (TPS) game.

This game in an early stage of development. Everyone can help by supporting this game at the patreon.

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DevLog: https://www.patreon.com/kitsunetsuki



  • No classes
  • No leveling
  • No health regeneration
  • No cover systems
  • No auto aim
  • No pay to win items
  • No peer to peer network
  • PC exclusive (Windows + Linux)
  • Walljumps and dodges
  • Melee and range weapons
  • Mutators
  • Character customization
  • No free to play

Software Used

Game Engine: Panda3D
Physics Engine: Bullet Physics
Networking Library: ENet

Group chat with developers

Jabber/XMPP group chat: k@rooms.kitsune.one

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